Idram Junior and Koreez signed a memorandum of cooperation

Idram Junior and Koreez educational program signed a memorandum of cooperation. Organizations are developing a new competition for financial education, in which all students from 3rd to 8th grades interested in the field will have the opportunity to participate.

According to the director of Idram company Arsen Kdenyan, this cooperation is another commitment of Idram to convey the necessary financial knowledge to children from a young age and to have a more prepared generation in this regard. “Considering the fact that all over the world and also in our country, the types of financial forgeries are increasingly improving, and our society deals with financial tools and transactions more and more every day, we believe that the best way to have a financially literate society is to educate children from childhood. Moreover, it should be done in an accessible and comprehensible way for modern children, and the best option for this is to develop a game. That’s why we decided to create a game about financial education, which will be called Junius. With the help of this, the children will first get ready for the competition through the game in the Idram Junior application, then they will participate in the competition itself and will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes,” said Arsen Kdenyan.

“The Junius competition was created to promote financial literacy among schoolchildren. Financial education is not just a school subject, it is a life skill. Teaching money management to children from a young age lays the foundation for a secure and prosperous future. Financial literacy empowers children to make informed decisions, setting them on a path to financial independence, instilling a sense of responsibility for their finances and their future goals. We believe that the competition will give real results and by uniting our forces we will be able to educate thousands of schoolchildren”, noted Suren Aloyan, the founder of Koreez educational program.

The companies inform that the opportunity to register for the competition is already open on the website, and in the upcoming updates of the Idram Junior application, the Junius game will also be available, with which children will get ready for the competition.


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