Tree Planting Results with My Forest Armenia: The Power of One Dram

During March and April 2022, the whole amount gathered by “The Power of One Dram“, AMD 10.757.867 was directed to the afforestation program of the “My Forest Armenia” NGO, 16.000 trees were planted, and the first of these trees were directly planted by the companies’ employees.

Exactly two years later, representatives of IDBank and Idram visited Jrashen again to see the newly planted forest and to discuss the future activities. Let us remind you that the beneficiary of “The Power of One Dram” in March of this year was again “My Forest Armenia” NGO, and the directed amount was AMD 4.017.648.

“Two years ago, we were here with the Idram team and with great enthusiasm planted the first trees of the forest named after Idram and IDBank. On the one hand, there was great enthusiasm, because the forest is a vital issue for Armenia, on the other hand, there was great concern whether the trees would survive in a deserted area. Today we already see the basis of the forest and we are sure that as a result of The Power of One Dram program and the investment of our employees, there will be a big forest here in the future and we will take a step forward in the fight against environmental issues. This year, the amount gathered by The Power of One Dram in March, more than AMD 4 million, will also serve the expansion of this forest,” said Mane Gasparyan, an employee of Communications unit of IDBank.

“We highly appreciate the consistency of Idram and IDBank. We have been planting a forest together for the third year in a row, and today, together with the representatives of the companies, we are at the Jrashen afforestation area, where we report with great joy that the trees not only withstood the heat of the first summer but also feel very well and have new shoots. After a few years, these trees will be 1-1.5 meters tall. We attach great importance to our partnership with IDBank and Idram, which, by participating in forest creation, show an example of long-term vision, and also involve their clients in building a stable and durable future of our country” – said Lilith Martirosyan, deputy director of My Forest Armenia.

Do you want to do charity, but you think it demands a lot of money? This means you are still not aware that it is possible to do many important and good deeds with just one dram, even if that one dram will not be missing from your wallet. Just make all your payments with the Idram&IDBank application, the online platform, Idram and IDBank terminals, and for each of your payments, the companies will donate one dram to the “The Power of One Dram” initiative.


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