Leanbe introduces a new way of making better product decisions driven by data and AI

The new version of Leanbe is outcome-driven. It empowers product teams to measure product progress with the help of AI and get insights about customer and competitor behavior.

Leanbe, an innovative product management software, today launched its new version. The new release reinvents the product management philosophy by enabling product people to carry out their daily tasks from A to Z. It helps them keep their teams aligned and leverage continuous product growth. Leanbe’s features help product leaders to make the most out of their product development efforts.

In recent years, the ever-changing customer needs have altered the ways products are developed. While building Leanbe’s first version, the team noticed an evident gap in the market for software in this category that would cover the entire product development lifecycle. Thus, it became their mission to develop it in a way to assist product teams in every step of that critical process.

Customer needs are the heart and soul of product development decisions. In order to provide reliable solutions, it is essential to first identify users’ core problems. In some cases, however, customers might not know how to clearly share their wants and needs which may result in biased assumptions and predictions. That is why, when creating Leanbe’s second version, the team found that AI can help reduce bias in decision-making and predict the unexpected.

Specifically, Leanbe’s latest version allows product teams to

Gather ideas in a single hub
Gone are the days of manually collecting ideas and managing them in a spreadsheet. Leanbe makes it easy to receive feature requests from users. The built-in algorithm calculates scores for every idea and promotes those with higher scores into a roadmap.
Conduct automated competitor analysis
Due to the diversity of product management responsibilities, competitor analysis can be an irregular process often done manually.

With the help of this system, Leanbe automatically tracks your competitors’ product pricing changes, new features, marketing campaigns, hiring processes, etc. As a result, product teams get one more source of ideas. They stay on top of the market trends and thus, build features their potential customers are genuinely interested in.

Prioritize ideas in a data-driven manner by using an AI scoring system
In product management assumptions are part of the process. However, the Leanbe team doesn’t believe they should take up much space in the decision-making process for your product. Leanbe provides you with unique modifiers so that you can calculate ideas and user scores based not only on quantitative data(e.g. the number of user upvotes) but also qualitative ones (e.g. user behavior).
With all scores in one spot, you can analyze them, identify future opportunities for improvement, and prioritize.
Implement public roadmaps

Leanbe’s public roadmap functionality shows what the company is working on and what features have been planned. A public roadmap enables product teams to be transparent, open, and accountable to their users. It also attracts new customers who may discover a feature they seek on the roadmap. It’s crucial for user-product team communication.

Make announcements
Finding optimal ways to share information with your users is vital for your product. Leanbe enables product teams to do so in the form of notifications and announcements. Active users and product ambassadors are often impatient to learn about product updates these days. While designing a product, Leanbe allows product managers to engage their users. The announcements feature lets users get instant feedback and learn whether certain features are already live or if any product changes have been made.

“I am incredibly honored to announce this launch. My team and I have long been waiting to bring our vision of the new version of Leanbe live, and finally, it’s here,” said Artavazd Barseghyan, CEO of Leanbe. “Leanbe redefines the way that products are built by delivering unique features and opportunities into the market. Similarly, Leanbe bridges the gap between product leaders and their target users by allowing them to exchange insights within one platform. We hope to see product teams reap the benefits of the dynamic functionality that Leanbe delivers.”

About Leanbe

Leanbe is a product management software founded in 2021. It aims to help product people cover every step of the product development lifecycle by leveraging continuous product discovery and providing tools such as feedback collection, competitor analysis, announcements, OKRs, etc. For more information, go to this link: [insert the updated link]


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